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Work Experience Degrees

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Work Experience Degrees

In the world that is on a fast pace, work experience degrees are gaining significance. Distance learning and online education have made it possible for people to get their experience translated into proper and authentic work experience degrees. These college credits for work experience degrees have been designed to facilitate working individuals. The traditional education system requires students to give full-time to their studies. Online / distant education helps qualified people in completing their education in less time required in the traditional educational system. Work experience degrees, as compared to traditional degrees, are less expensive and extremely quick. Before providing students with a work experience degree, the university or educational institute accesses them for their prior learning experience. For each level assessment requirements are different.

Many seasoned professionals are experienced in jobs but hold no education in the field. In, return many are making less money than college graduates. This program can greatly improve your professional opportunities.

We are an international VEC and can help you obtain the success you desire.


Substituting education for work experience for federal jobs

Source: https://www.federaljobs.net/education-substitution.html 

Education in the USA can generally be substituted for required general and specialized experience.  One specialty may permit study successfully completed in schools above high school level to be substituted for general and specialized experience at the rate of 1 academic year of study for nine months of experience.  The conversion rate varies depending on the career. The converse is also true. Work experience, in many cases, can be substituted for required college degrees. For example, in the Administrative Management career fields, 3 years of general work experience can be substituted for a 4-year course of study leading to a bachelor’s degree. Most are unaware of this conversion.

In the federal government, fifty-five percent of all workers do not have a college degree. The level of required education depends upon the job that you apply for. Job announcement list required skills and abilities including education and work experience. However, the more education and work experience you have, the more competitive you will be when ranked against other applicants.  

Dans un monde en évolution rapide, les diplômes d’expérience professionnelle gagnent en importance. L’enseignement à distance et l’éducation en ligne ont permis aux personnes de traduire leur expérience en diplômes d’expérience de travail appropriés et authentiques. Ces crédits d’études collégiales pour les diplômes d’expérience de travail ont été conçus pour faciliter les personnes qui travaillent. Le système d’éducation traditionnel exige que les étudiants donnent à temps plein à leurs études. L’éducation en ligne / à distance aide les personnes qualifiées à terminer leurs études en moins de temps dans le système éducatif traditionnel. Les diplômes d’expérience de travail, comparés aux diplômes traditionnels, sont moins chers et extrêmement rapides. Avant d’offrir un diplôme d’expérience de travail aux étudiants, l’université ou l’établissement d’enseignement leur donne accès à leur expérience d’apprentissage antérieure. Pour chaque niveau, les exigences d’évaluation sont différentes.

De nombreux professionnels chevronnés ont de l’expérience dans l’emploi, mais n’ont aucune formation dans le domaine. En retour, beaucoup gagnent moins d’argent que les diplômés des collèges. Ce programme peut grandement améliorer vos opportunités professionnelles.

Nous sommes une VAE internationale et pouvons vous aider à obtenir le succès que vous désirez.

If interested to see if you qualify for these English degrees please fill out this form and return it to us by email americanecoleagadir@gmail.com, along with your passport in PDF format,  so we can evaluate your qualifications.