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Proctoring Services

Kindergarten-12th grade. Anglia Morocco Language Center.

The American Group International offers proctoring services for students enrolled in a distance learning program at North American colleges or universities, or British Universities and English Exam testing with Anglia Examinations. We also can work with companies, certification programs, and government officials.


  • We invigilate paper-based as well as online exams.
  • The tests are taken at the American Group International.
  • Proctoring is only offered during regular office hours (Monday-Thursday, 9 AM to 5 PM) and not on weekends.

    Please check your preferred date with us well in advance. Different events in our Institution might make it impossible for us to provide a room or staff on certain dates to proctor your exam. Due to these restraints, we unfortunately cannot proctor multiple exams on one day.

Fees per exam

  • a non-refundable administrative fee of 15 EUR or 200 Dirhams.
  • 15 EUR per scheduled exam hour or 200 Dirhams an hour.
  • postage costs if needed and also fees for the proctor for traveling to the desired destination. (Varies)

If you cancel your appointment less than 24 hours in advance, we will charge the full amount.
If you arrive late for your exam, we will charge you extra for the delay.


Please check with your college or university administration or language center or academic institution about the conditions for off-campus exams before contacting us. In order to get AGI registered with your home institution as a proctoring center, you may need to provide the following proctor details:

Julie Wilburn, Director
American Group International
Number 20, Rue Baalabek, Nahda, Agadir, Morocco 80000

Email: americanecoleagadir@gmail.com

Phone: 212 528843 349