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Adult EFL Classes

International K-12th grade school and language center.

1. Exam prep. Course- Graduation practice from the Moroccan school system. British practice.

2. Business English Course- Covers Economics

3. Conversational ESL Course-
Aimed at improving the students speaking skills and introduction of new words.

4. Beginner Level ESL-100 Course-
Basic English, with the target to increase English fluency, a basic level of literacy is expected.

5. Intermediate ESL-200 Course-
Language skills, activities emphasizing oral and written. Interpersonal communication and academic.

6. Advanced ESL-300 Course-
Requires at least an Intermediate English level. Academic activities, essay writing, research papers development, and oral discussions of academic topics.

7. English Writing Course-

Narrative writing, Descriptive writing, Job applications, Resume/CV writing, oral discussions, and a review of phonics.