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Infinity International Press

International K-12th grade school and language center.


In the most difficult time of our lives, each country is experiencing a pandemic that stopped the world from spinning.

There are different stories that we have heard from each corner of the world, and half of them are published through the internet and half are through books. Each one of those stories are either made to build awareness, share experiences, inspire, motivate, help or entertain people for us to see the beauty beyond darkness in the time of struggle.


Infinity International Press is a company that understands and gives a helping hand to fulfill each author’s calling. We believe that a true masterpiece deserves its place in the world of publishing. As a self-publishing entity, we make it easier for our authors to create, produce and sell their own books with our help.

It is very important for a book to have an extensive exposure to create awareness of the its existence. Here with us, we also provide partnership with our authors in releasing their book to the public in any platform needed.

Our team of experts have been assisting aspiring authors since 2005. We have helped them transition and jived with the changes to stay competitive in this innovative world of publishing.

Jean Jimenez is the CEO and Founder of Infinity International Press. She is an accomplished executive with domestic and international experience in this industry. She has effectively lead and manage her company to exceed the standard expectations of authors who are depending on them in fulfilling their goals in becoming published authors.

She has experienced working with different aspiring authors which inspired her to work hard and create her own empire. Her main goal is to build a strong foundation of the company in order to achieve one goal with our authors, to realize their fantasy into reality.