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International K-12th grade school and language center.

A brief note from the Principal. Graduation 2022.

June 10, 2022 1:30 PM Dear Class of 2022:   Your time has come!  Congratulations and hats off to each and every one of you on this remarkable achievement of graduation from American Group International School.  You have worked hard during your high years and now you are ready and prepared to receive a diploma…
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Early Childhood Education and Care Degree

Please inquirer at the center for details. You must pass an entrance exam and be accepted into the degree program. 

Inscriptions 2021-2022

We are taking inscriptions now for the 2021-2022 academic year…please see the administration for the coming year.

ROUGH GUIDE to US School Grades Compared to English (UK) School Years

Age        UK Year (England Only)  Key Stage (England Only)              U.S. Level  Pre-School 3 to 4 years       —-        Early Years         Pre-Kindergarten (age 2 to 4)  4 to 5 years       Reception          Early Years         Pre-Kindergarten (age 2 to 4)  Primary/Elementary 5 to 6 years       Year 1 – Infants School (Primary)               Key Stage 1        Kindergarten  6 to 7 years      …
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Free Dyslexia Resource Test

Dyslexia is a learning disorder that involves difficulty reading due to problems identifying speech sounds and learning how they relate to letters and words (decoding). Also called reading disability, dyslexia affects areas of the brain that process language. This is a free online assessment.  Dyslexia Screening Assessment What Parents of Dyslexics Need to Know About ADD &…
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Admissions 2020-2021

                          In these exceptional circumstances, we would like to inform all parents interested in registering their children with us that our Admissions Team is still able to accept and answer all questions you may have in regards to our admission process.   For further information please contact us on…
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Zoom Classroom April 27th

Zoom Access          Download the Zoom Cloud Meetings App Option:1 Tap the join button and enter the meeting code. Option:2 Click on the meeting link your teacher provided. Join your Zoom meeting and allow access to the camera and internet audio so your teacher can see and hear you. Wait for your teacher to begin…
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Zoom or Skype classes available.

We will be holding online classes for students till the COVID -19 pandemic is over. Please get in touch with the Administration if you are already an existing student.