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Kindergarten-12th grade. Anglia Morocco Language Center.

Languages Classes for Adults begin on Monday, September 24th and Tuesday September 25th.

The first semester language classes for adults, will start on September 24th and 25th. We are at full registration and now are starting to sign-up for the second semester,  starting on January 7th, 2019. Our classes are limited in space. Please see us to be on the next semesters waiting list. Thank you, Julie Wilburn

Teachers Training Program in English

We are designing a program to have teachers in the English field test their skills and train in our classrooms to improve their English performance in the language/classroom and also in current teaching methods. Places are limited. You will be tested and required to do lessons and tested after the training period. Usually the training…
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Educational Psychology Course October 2nd-December 12th, 2018

ATTENTION TEACHERS, PARENTS OR CHILD CAREGIVERS !!!!!!! October 1st through December 12th. Spaces limited. Educational Psychology This course is open to parents, teachers and prospective teachers with a good command of English. Thirty-two hours, 8 weeks, 4 hours weekly on Monday and Wednesdays. Evenings 7-9 PM. Examination with the grade requirement of 70 percent to…
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First Day of School is September 5, 2018

We will be starting school classes for the academic year of 2018- 2019, on September 5, 2018. Please see the school for ordering books for high school students at the beginning of August 2018. Grades K through 8th grade, may contact the school 2 weeks before the start date of September 5th. Inscriptions need to…
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Programme d’études secondaires pour adultes en anglais et en espagnol

Début du programme en juillet 2018 —- Disponible en anglais et en espagnol …. L’IAG vise à desservir les personnes de 16 ans et plus qui ont terminé leurs études secondaires avant de s’inscrire en offrant un programme d’études secondaires accrédité, à faible coût, autodirigé et indépendant au moyen d’études par correspondance ou en ligne.…
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Summer School for Academic and Language EFL Students 2018

June 25th – July 19th, 2018 Nous aurons des cours pour les étudiants académiques et linguistiques le lundi, mardi, mercredi et jeudi. Nous serons ici à partir de 10 heures. à 2 heures du matin. Il y aura une pause déjeuner de 12h00 à 13h00. S’il vous plaît être testé avant que l’atelier de 4…
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Work Experience Degree Celebration

Our client celebrated the honor of receiving his long awaited award for the time he put in working with the children in Agadir. He received his Master of Science in childcare. Congrats to Mr. Khaloufi.   See us for the chance to have your case evaluated for this honored program.

Awarding of Language Students April 17, 2018

During this night we awarded certificates to the students completing the 10 week semester and being placed into the Anglia system, by finishing with a placement test. We will resume our classes after Ramadan. Please see us if you did not finish your testing so you can receive your certificate. We also celebrated a birthday…
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A Day At The Seamstress

During the last of March we visited with the children to a local seamstress. We are trying to teach the children it is very important to have basic life skills. Everyone had a good time and the day out for a walk was also needed.