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Anglia Examinations of England

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Anglia Examinations have been based in Chichester, England, since 1993. Anglia offers a comprehensive and structured program for assessing English language competence, from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This Step-by-Step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress. Please see us for a free placement test.

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AIM official website for audio files: https://www.aim-group.org.uk/services/aim-international/step-to-books/student-resources/

Anglia Levels
Anglia exams measure all four language skills – listening, reading, writing, and speaking. There are no minimum age requirements for the exams. The young learner levels are taken by children as young as four years old. The upper levels and Business English exams are taken by students and adults who plan to continue their studies at an English university/college or to improve their career prospects.

Anglia Examinations in English currently consist of ten different levels and the Anglia International Business English examinations are available at four levels.

The Proficiency level is listed by UCAS as a qualification that can be accepted by British universities to show international student competence in the English language. The Anglia Proficiency examination has been designed to incorporate a stronger academic element within its first section.

All levels of the examinations have listening, reading, writing, and speaking elements.

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The History of Anglia in Morocco



The history of AngliaMorocco started in 2010 by Suzanne Linsen. She moved to Morocco to introduce Anglia Examinations and its wide range of English language certificates to schools and institutes. Prior to that she was selected to conduct English courses and administer Anglia exams at a language institute in Tangier. During this year 2021, American Group International (AGI) became the Anglia franchise holder for Morocco. AGI has been an educational brand since 2012.  AGI has placed hundreds of students into the American Educational System with low-cost, affordable, educational programs including an American School in Agadir. They have used the Anglia system in their language programs since 2013. Julie Wilburn is the CEO and lived in Morocco for many years and also holds dual citizenship in the country.

The AGI team has now embarked on the next level in its offerings to give opportunities to thousands of people to master the international language of English in business and communication with top English training and assessments. We strive to give back to the Moroccan community and reach the areas that desire to take international exams. AGI wants local teams based in each of the 12 regions of the country to execute local community-based programs to reach the unreachable. The main headquarters are located in the cozy city of Agadir and it is centralized to the application of the AGI mission and educating the community in English throughout the Kingdom of Morocco. AGIs number of local franchise distribution networks will hopefully grow rapidly in the next few years; as English is quickly becoming a new love for Moroccan young people. This in return will hopefully open up new avenues for many including new international opportunities for people inside as well as international levels from the outside.

AngliaMorocco along with AGI will work closely with; multiple’ education centers, schools, and businesses to develop new strategies to help all levels of schools and learners to achieve a higher standard of English. Addressing the challenges due to the COVID pandemic, AGI is offering online platforms and examinations, AGI and AngliaMaroc communities, and events to enhance greater opportunities in Moroccan communities. With AGIs mission “Global Minds with a Global Perspective”, we strive to offer a better opportunity for the Moroccan community to ‘Dare to Dream in English’ with the Step-by-Step approach. AngliaMaroc is offering Anglia English exams from Beginners to Mastery level (CEFR C2) through the European Framework. 

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