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Adult High School Diploma Program

International K-12th grade school and language center.

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AGI seeks to serve individuals 16 years of age, and older who terminated their secondary education prior to matriculating by offering a nationally accredited, low cost, self-directed, independent-study high school completion program through correspondence-based or online-based studies.

We provide this service at a very modest fee that is inclusive of all support to ensure success; tutorial assistance, and post-graduation services such as official enrollment or graduation verification; letters of recommendation to authorized third parties, and official academic transcripts on behalf of those graduates seeking to pursue higher education.

Pictured below is the first student that graduated from the program and has received a diploma from the USA.



English Usage, Essentials of Grammar, Sentence Structure, English Mechanics, Punctuation, Rules of Spelling,


Classical Literature: Fictional Novels, Poetry and Prose Contemporary Literature: Non-Fiction – Biographies and Commentaries


Arithmetic: Basic functions using whole numbers, fractions, decimals and percentages; Consumer Mathematics: standard measurements- perimeter, area & volume, distance, interest and cost; Number Relationships: ratio and proportion, using the percent triangle; Comparing and Ordering Numbers; Number Relationships: using order of operations to solve multi-step problems: Data Analysis: tables and charts, bar graphs, line graphs and pie charts, mean and median, ratio and probability; Algebra & Geometry.


Early American History: Pre-colonial, Colonial, British rule of the Colonies, the American Revolution, French-Indian Wars, The Louisiana Purchase, The Texas Revolution and Mexican War, The American Civil War: Overview, Slavery and its role in the Civil War, Cessation of Southern States, Fighting the War. World War I – An American Historical Perspective. The Great Depression – causes and solutions, FDR and The New Deal. World War II – Rise of Fascism and formation of the Axis powers, United States’ involvement, Allied powers’ victory, defeat of Japan, Birth of the United Nations, IMF and World Bank. Post-World War II and the beginnings of the Cold War – The rise of Communism and the arms race, the NATO Alliance, the expansion of Communism and the growing threat to the US. Contemporary American History – The Korean War; the Civil Rights Movement; The Kennedy Era; End of the Civil Rights Movement; Crises in Southeast Asia- The Vietnam War; Invasion of Laos, Conflicts in Cambodia, US withdrawal, Nixon’s resignation and a final end to the war.


Structure and functions of City, County, and State Governments. The Federal Government: Office of the President, Executive Powers, the Executive Cabinet structure and functions. United States Congress: structure and functions of the US Senate and the US House of Representatives. The Supreme Court: structure and functions of the federal judiciary, Supreme Court procedures, historical “landmark” cases.


Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Phoenicians, Hebrews, The Persian Empire, Ancient Greece, Macedonia,The Roman Empire: conquest of Italy, early Roman government, the Punic Wars, Roman Law. India and Southeast Asia – Buddhism, Hinduism and Islam; History of the Far-East: China, Japan and Korea; Origins of the Chinese Feudal system, unification of China’s regions and development of a “Great Civilization”, the final dynasties, Chinese philosophers, the “People’s Revolution, Communist rule of China. History of South America: Native Ancestry, the Mayas, the Aztecs, the Incas. History of Africa: Early North Africa, Ancient Africa, contact between the Ancient World and Africa, the spread of Christianity, how Islam influenced Africa, Empires of West Africa, the Atlantic Slave Trade, Early East Africa, Early Central Africa, Kongo and Portuguese influence, Early Southern Africa, formation of states in Southern Africa, discovery of South Africa’s mineral wealth, European influences and exploits, abolition of the slave trade, Africa and the World Wars. Rise and Fall of The Byzantine Empire, Western Europe and the Middle Ages, Early history of England, the influence of the Catholic Church in Medieval Europe, the Crusades. Modern History- the Renaissance and the Reformation, the Age of Discovery, the rise of nation-states and the expansion of empires, How Russia became a nation, the Age of Absolutism, the Age of Reason – Enlightenment and the birth of the Scientific Method, the French Revolution, the Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions, Communism, the Triumph of Democracy and the struggle for equality


Cellular biology, comparisons between plans and animal cells, function of organized cells and tissues, compounds in living cells, cell division, reproduction and differentiation, the Animal Kingdom – descriptions of phyla:, vertebrates and invertebrates,


The Skeletal System, the Muscular System, the Nervous System, the Endocrine System, the Respiratory System, the Circulatory System, the Digestive and Excretory Systems, the Reproductive System.

The above outlines the subject matter comprising our nationally accredited high school diploma program designed for individuals who prefer home schooling or an online high school completion program. Upon successful completion of these subjects, students will be administered a proctred final exam whose results will be factored in the student’s cumulative academic record.

Disponible en anglais et en espagnol ....

L'IAG vise à desservir les personnes de 16 ans et plus qui ont terminé leurs études secondaires avant de s'inscrire en offrant un programme d'études secondaires accrédité, à faible coût, autodirigé et indépendant au moyen d'études par correspondance ou en ligne.

Nous fournissons ce service à un coût très modeste qui comprend tout le soutien nécessaire pour assurer le succès; assistance tutorale, et des services après l'obtention du diplôme tels que l'inscription officielle ou la vérification de l'obtention du diplôme; des lettres de recommandation à des tiers autorisés, et des relevés de notes officiels au nom des diplômés qui cherchent à poursuivre des études supérieures.