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Admission Fees

Kindergarten-12th grade. Anglia Morocco Language Center.


Academic School fees for Grade K-12th grade.

Places in AGI are for the entire school year, from September to June.  Parents, guardians, or either accepting financial responsibility, are accountable for the full year fees of students who are withdrawn during the school year.  Monthly payments are due on the 5th of each month, with no exceptions.  AGI does not have your monthly payment, there is a 200 DH administration cost. Any changes in the method of payment for a student must be submitted in writing.  For students enrolled in the school at a time other than September, fees will be prorated as of the first day of the month of enrollment.  Inscription fees vary depending on age and range from 8000 dirhams to 9000 dirhams. Books and insurance and academic fees are included in the inscription fee.  Each child will be required to take an Academic exam for levels in Math and will also be required to take an English exam in the Spring. It is preferred that children should be a B-2 level before hitting high school.  Assessment testing can range from 400 dirhams up to 2000 dirhams a year. 

Elementary                                                          2500 DH monthly

Middle School                                                        2500 DH monthly

High School                                                          2500 DH monthly


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Language School


Fees vary and must actually have testing to know fees.

 Placement Testing is free with Anglia Morocco