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Energia SOI

Structure of Intellect – SOI
A comprehensive cognitive development program for young learners. USA Based. 50 years in existence. Works on 90 abilities.

International Coaching/Training Center

Formations Available in September 2023

RB College of the United Kingdom

RB College in Morocco

American School of Agadir K-12

Celebrating 10 Years!

Apply Now!  Our American School is Inclusive Education. We have other support programs available.

K-12th Grade School- Headquarters Anglia Morocco

Academic English K-3 to 12th Grade School

SCHOOL + HOME + COMMUNITY = STUDENT SUCCESS AGI School in Agadir is a customized private school nestled in the Berber community of Souss Draa in Morocco, North Africa. The first classes of the small school were started in 2013 with five children. In the last five years our program has hosted more than 45 plus nationalities. We soon outgrew the one-room school so we moved to our location to Nahda, Agadir.

Our institution has an open enrollment policy as we are a specialized school. Today American Group International School hosts K-3 through 12th grade students and they are taught in eight multi-grade classrooms. We are known throughout the Souss Area for working with challenging children and special cases. Our school works with many programs for the benefit of the child. We are an Inclusive Education School. 

Children and Teens Anglia EFL Classes On Saturdays

Our program hosts Saturday afternoon classes from 2 P.M. – 4 P.M. We do activities interactive, and use the Anglia Examinations system. Come spend a few hours with us and be a part of our community family.

We also help with BAC prep., TOEFL,IELTS,SAT, and Mathematics in English. We also certify Mathematics courses in English with workshops.

Corporate/Business EFL Trainings

We will work with local companies in a classroom setting on-site or at our Institution. The growing world is in the need of the common language of English in the business corporate sector.

Medical EFL For Medical Professionals

Our program deals with the terms of the body systems, vocabulary and grammar. Our teacher was involved in the health system in the United States and understands the basics in many fields of medicine.

One-On-One EFL Classes

The term one-to-one is applied to programs that provide all students in EFL setting, the ability to have full access to the teacher. EFL one- on- one programs are great for professionals that want to ask and learn for job related tasks. One-to-one refers to one teacher for every student.Many one-on-one teachers use the internet as a means to help promote postive literary skills .

Anglia Examinations Of England

Anglia Examinations has been based in Chichester, England, since 1993. Anglia offers a comprehensive and structured program of assessing English language competence, from beginner through to full competence as an expert user. This Step-by-Step approach to testing encourages and motivates students to make clear and effective progress.

Special Education Services

Our services at American Group International are directed for students with special needs, such as learning differences, mental health issues, specific disabilities (physical or developmental), and giftedness are those whose needs are addressed within the small group classroom setting. We implement an IEP = individualized educational plan) for parents and we also work with professional caregivers/doctors for the progress and instructional level throughout each academic grade year. Currently we offer a high school program for special needs.

English Mathematics Courses

This program is best suited for current classroom teachers who wish to add mathematics as a new subject area to their professional skills. It’s also a good option for new teacher candidates entering the teaching profession who are non-mathematics majors, and who wish to earn a highly qualified title to their academic experience and broaden their teaching careers as a mathematics specialist or mathematics coach in English.

We are an English Only Speaking Community

Advantages of an English-Only Policy

Learning a language is never an easy task, no matter which language you want to learn. The best way to learn is to immerse the student in the environment in a way that helps them begin to think in the language. These are some of the benefits of learning in an English-only environment:

#1 Students Can Learn to Express Themselves in English

By only allowing English in ESL classes, students begin to think their thoughts in English and get more familiar with the language in a way that helps them become more confident and encourages them to experiment more.

#2 ESL Classes Are Easier to Manage

Teachers can manage the student’s communication much better in a way that teachers can help facilitate conversations and keep unnecessary conversations in check.

#3 Students Develop Better Problem Solving

English-only classes force students to find solutions and think outside of the box to find new and better ways to communicate and help deliver their questions and responses to their teacher. These skills can help them through the class with implementing solutions they can use again in future classroom discussions.

#4 Students Have Improved Listening Skills

Students will learn to build stronger listening skills essential in learning a new language.

#5 Socializing Becomes Much Easier

When students are learning a new language together, they are learning how to socialize in their new language, and as they grow in their communication, they can encourage and help each other in learning new skills.

Although insisting students only speak one language can be daunting, and there will be slip-ups, creating an environment where only speaking English should be a fundamental goal. There are clear advantages to an English-only policy that can help students thrive and learn English in a way that can help them become better listeners, communicators, and speakers.

Structure of Intellect (SOI)

Energia SOI cognitive intelligence training program represents the culmination of 55 years of research in cognitive science. It was designed by an international team of Eminent Psychologist led by Dr. J. P. Guilford and Dr. Mary Meeker — a professor emeritus in Cognitive Psychology.

Over 100 published scientific papers show the benefits of Energia SOI program. Most of these were independently conducted by Psychologists at respected universities like The University of Southern California, Harvard and John Hopkins. Every study is conducted on a different group of people and individual results vary.

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RB College of United Kingdom

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American Group is excited to be a part of Global Schools Program.

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Anglia Testing Session November 13-28, 2022

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American Group International Team and Home of Anglia Morocco

Mrs. Julie Wilburn

Educational Director, Head English Teacher High School, Administrator, Science and History Teacher, ESL/ EFL Teacher, Electives Instructor, IVEC Consultant, and AngliaMorocco Program and Adult High School Proctor, International Trainer and Coach in Education. Administrator, Principal

Mr. Matt

Head Teacher , ESL/EFL  Teacher, Assistant Administrator. Structure of Intellect Learning Specialist. 

Mr. A

Assistant Director, Head Math Teacher High School, Administrator, Science and History Teacher Assistant, Electives Instructor, and Anglia Private School Consultant, Human Resources and Vice Principal. Structure of Intellect Learning Specialist. International Trainer and Coach in Mathematics. 

Mr. Lahcen

  Teacher’s Assistant. Anglia CITE holder.

Mrs. Karima

ESL Anglia Beginner levels teacher. Teacher’s Assistant

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